Application renders

Application renders


Main goal of this C++ project was to learn Object Oriented Programming. Learn the main concepts of programming such as classes, inheritance, and even templates. Additionally, with the help of files from teachers, we could use Gnuplot to display the drone animation. It moves in a special space where collisions are detected.

All of documentation are prepared in English and done with Doxygen. Moreover whole project is available on my Gitlab


This terminal based application has added external availability to display underwater drone animation through Gnuplot. Application has four options:

  • r - moving straight ahead for a given distance with a given angle of ascent or descent,
  • o - change the orientation of the drone (rotation in the OZ axis),
  • m - display help menu,
  • k - quit program.

This project was made for my university course called “Object Oriented Programming” at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.